Hotel Marketing Strategy

Increase Your Net Operating Income

Our Proven Four-Step Process

Engineered for Market Agility and Predictability at Scale.

Data Aggregation

Import 1st and 3rd party data into an Amazon S3 data lake for layering and testing.

Customer Segmentation

Machine learning models segment your customers by profitability and behavior.

Hypothesis Testing

Assumptions are proven in controlled simulations for viability and impact.

Strategic Rollout

Campaigns are systematically rolled out by priority groupings to maximize results.


Full-service Digital Marketing

At Primal Digital, we have you covered. We first work with you to understand your customers then we develop an ideal digital marketing strategy. When working with us you’ll gain access to the industry’s top email marketers, graphic designers, paid search managers, SEO specialists, content marketers, conversion rate optimizers, social media managers, public relations specialists, and website engineers.

Complete Branding Guidelines

Developing a branding guide can be a lot of hard work but can become invaluable for brand consistency and brining new employees up to speed. Primal Digital can help with that. Our expert team is ready to take the reins and guide you through the process of creating these mission-critical documents. Once complete, these documents will be your foundation for long-lasting, repeatable growth for years to come.


Employee Training Program

Keeping up with all the industry trends, technologies and strategies can be a full-time job. We know that employee education is one of the best investments you can make but sometimes slips away. That is why we’ve designed our partnerships to not only get you results but also educate your team through our on/offline training program to help them further their knowledge and bring more value for your organization.

Unique Industry Insights

Hospitality and travel are the things we know best that is why working with a partner dedicated to understanding how the boutique travel market is changing and the reasons behind those changes we are able to bring you some pretty unique insights. Every quarter Primal Digital releases a new factsheet to help our customers understand these shifts. These reports are available exclusively for our partners.


Fully Customizable Reporting

Sometimes getting the information we need to make those critical decisions is tied down in layers and layers of raw data. By leveraging intelligent dashboards, you gain access to all those key insights at a moments notice. We work with you to understand the KPIs that are important to you and your organization and utilize custom dashboards to make that data accessible the moment you need it.

Experienced Revenue Strategy

Running a paid search campaign because every other hotel is running one is a huge waste of resources. By creating a digital marketing strategy focused on the profitability of your organization we can work with you to choose the key marketing and communication channels that reach your unique customer segments organized by revenue and cost of revenue helping you to maximize your property’s NOI.


Proprietary New Technologies

Primal Digital’s sister company Primal Technologies sole purpose is to create and further develop leading technologies to help independent hotels and their hoteliers improve connecting with their guests and the operations of their hotel. By working with Primal Digital, you exclusively gain access to all the new innovations Primal Technologies has pioneered to help push the hospitality industry forward.

Individual Guest Personalization

Working with machine learning algorithms allows us to get highly granular with your customer segmentation. Previously hotels segmented its guests solely based on demographic data such as age, gender or location. With access to these new technologies and the right data we can gain a much deeper understanding of your customers online behaviors and purchase patterns to target them at a psychographic level.


Data Science & Analytics

Today’s battles will be won or lost by the amount of data one has access too. With the right analytics strategy in place, the data you collect will bring you an unmatched competitive advantage towards your market and competition. Very quickly you can get buried in all that information and miss those key strategic insights. Our team of data scientists helps you manage and understand all that valuable information.

Do you want to drive more profitable revenue for your hotel, while reducing expenses?